Wednesday, June 9, 2010


IMG_4908 I am...35 weeks pregnant!

It is kind of funny because I don't know that I ever thought this day would come. It is totally the point in pregnancy when you start freaking out realizing you have very little time left being pregnant and that your world is about to change like you could never imagine. I know this...its happened twice before.

So, let's see...where to start? Well, little guy will be here in less then a month. I'm starting to get things cleaned and organized around the house. It'd be nice if I had some help but not the kind that Gator supplies where she dumps all the toys out or Peanut who goes pulling all his clothes out of the drawers. Oh, speaking of clothes...I haven't washed them yet! I did get the nursery looking good...well, sorta good. I still have more to do.

The other day (I think it was Monday?) I decided that I needed to be ready. What if Vegas doesn't make it home in time? What do I really need accomplished before he comes home? I mean...the laundry can wait, the bassinet can wait, the nursery, etc. I need a I hauled my not so tiny heiny up into the attic and got it down. I installed the base into the car too! I just need to clean it up and then I'll be ready.

Oh...except that I haven't packed my bag...or thought about it. And, I realize I need to charge my camera battery and delete some pictures off my camera so I can actually take some. Right now I only have 230 spaces left for pictures...not nearly enough!


You are probably wondering how I'm feeling...well, pregnant. big. fat. and pregnant. Ha! I've started having some contractions (ok, more then I probably should), some back pain (lower then I'd like) and lots of pressure down there at the worst possible, when I do go back to the doctor this week I will probably get checked.

The good news is my Momma is taking pity on me and coming back to help out for a bit with the kids since Vegas won't be home for awhile longer. The help is VERY much appreciated and I cannot thank her rock, Mom!

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FourJedis said...

I love your preggo belly... that's all it is - belly.