Friday, June 4, 2010



Today was Gator's first swim lesson of the season. She's taking private lessons at the pool because after last years episode I will not have her in any group setting until she actually can swim or touch the bottom of the pool with both her nose and mouth above the water.

So, we went down to the pool and played around in the kiddie section. Both girls had a blast. Of course they brought a million toys, ok...not a million but plenty of water toys and goggles. Peanut loved it.


I just remember how last summer she slept through the few swim lessons we did at the end of the she cuddled in the sling at the pool and was so itty bitty. This year she's running around, blowing bubbles in the pool and trying to convince S that he should teach her to swim, too!

She was devastated when S & Gator went into the bigger pool for the lesson. I went over with them for a little bit but then brought Peanut back to the smaller pool and she just stood at the gate and watched Gator.


Gator did fabulous at swim lessons but didn't want to leave. She has another swim lesson coming up and before bed asked if her lesson was tomorrow. I broke her little heart when I told her it wasn't!

I'm glad she's doing well and enjoying them. It did take a little time to warm up but she seemed great. I'm hopeful that I can keep you updated on her progress. Her big goal is to be able to jump into the pool and swim to Daddy without swim floaties...she keeps telling me "When Daddy comes home I'm going to jump in the pool without my floaties and teach him how to swim!"

Good news is water and sun equal very sleepy kids!!!


NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

PnS or DSLR??
I have yet to be able to photograph the clones in the water.. well, outside the backyard. Mullet is far too into the water!!

mum2abby said...

DSLR, all my photos are taken with it...Vegas has the other camera with him! Which kind of stinks because then I can't do video unless I pull out the video cam and I haven't a clue how to upload from that to the uh...yeah. The previous videos I've had were because I used my Mom's cam. :)