Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Spicy Tuesday!


Well, Tuesday...I'm back dating this so if you checked on Tuesday and it wasn't here and then it was well...I back dated the blog :) I do it once in awhile when I'm uber lazy or uber busy.

Let me start by telling you it was a hell of a day. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, sent this big giganto vent e-mail to Vegas which I sorta felt bad about...but really, I needed a vent AND with that said he kind of needs to be aware of where I stand emotionally (and hormonally) so that he's not overly shocked when he arrives home.

After waking up on the wrong side of the bed, the huge vent email and the horribly, whiney kids that didn't sleep. I started having contractions - hard core contractions. I ended up phoning the doctor and was told to rest (and a bunch of other stuff but we'll leave it at that).

I knew I needed to feed the kids lunch and resting meant I should do something good for myself and the kids...so off I went to Chick Fil A!

I drove thru though...so don't worry I didn't over-exert myself.

While I'm in the drive thru line I decide I'm going to get one of their Spicy Chicken Sandwiches (and then the kids get their stuff). Ok...maybe that wasn't the best idea since I had you know contractions earlier...but man it was good!


Peanut had no complaints about lunch either. I actually tried to get their lunch ready for them and then take pictures but by the time I turned around Peanut had already eaten most of her fruit and some of her fries...she was HUNGRY!


Gator gives the meal a thumbs up and says "Can we do it again tomorrow?" My little chick-fil-a addict!

Anyways, they had full bellies...took good little naps and went swimming. I'm hopeful that I'll be able to post some video from one of Gator's upcoming swim lessons so you can see just how awesome she's doing but it'll have to wait until my Mom is in town since Vegas has the other camera with him!

Happy Tuesday!! Go try the Spicy Chicken!

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FourJedis said...

I'm jealous your kids like Chik-Fil-A. Mine only like "Donald's." That spicy chicken sounds yummy.