Saturday, June 19, 2010


The girls are both excited that their little brother is going to be entering the world very soon!

Today, I decided was a good day to pack the hospital bag and discuss with Gator the "plan" for when I have to go to the hospital. I told her that she could go to her friend's house with Peanut and then she could come meet her brother at the hospital. She seemed cool with the idea. Thankfully!

After packing the hospital bag I went through some of the stuff I had and sorted it. I still have more sorting to do (and some washing) but ehh...that can wait...he better not pop out fitting into 3m+ clothing!


The bassinet is up and ready for his arrival.


Of course, Peanut still fits in it which is kind of funny so Gator pretended Peanut was Archer and kept saying "let's practice with this Archer".


We even used one of Archer's swaddling blankets to swaddle the pretend Archer aka Peanut. Can you believe she fit in it? Oh my!

Anyways, they had a lot of fun touching everything and playing. They are both really excited for when he arrives...hopefully not until after Vegas gets home!!!


Kelly said...

Love that last picture!!! Peanut is indeed quite a peanut! You have such beautiful girls and I look forward to seeing pics of the whole family once baby Archer arrives...

NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

I tried to post a comment from my phone last night, wasn't working.. now I forget my witty comments! LOL

McCryssy said...

Looks like they had fun :)

FourJedis said...

Wow, Peanut is a wee one! I love that they practiced and that Peanut was cool with it all! So excited for you guys!

Sarah said...

they are so stinkin cute!!! so looking forward to seeing archer. he's got two beautiful sisters, so i know he'll be a handsome little dude. ;)