Friday, June 4, 2010

Peanut's Undies!


So, today our first pair of training pants arrived!

I love them.

They are sort of like a pull up because they pull on and off like underwear BUT they also have snaps if you need them. They are in the little tiny heiny size which Gator would have never fit in ever...but they fit Peanut so well :) She's just stinkin' adorable!


The cool part is they are slim and trim, allow her to feel "wet" but keep everything else dry and are like big girl undies.

Problem is I only have this one pair. She peed and spilled her drink from dinner over the front of them so I had to change her and getting a diaper on was a very difficult task.

Potty training is going well. She's not all there but she goes several times a day in the potty. It is a work in progress but a good work in progress and she's so incredibly proud of herself. She gets off the potty, looks inside and then holds her hand up for high fives all around.

Oh, and Vegas is reading this and seeing the tricycle and scooter in the playroom and probably thinking what have the ladies done to the house...promise you nothing but I had them outside in the yard and brought them inside just in case it was going to storm!

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NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

those are cute!! I'll need that info from you in about a year! LOL