Thursday, June 10, 2010

My little swimmer...


Gator has been taking swim lessons. She loves them - of course it does take her a few minutes to "warm" up to the whole thing but once she's in she doesn't want out. Normally her class (and its funny that I say class because she's doing private lessons) is held in the smaller pool (not smallest but smaller). Today, they were in the dive pool. I had Gator bring her life jacket so that she (ok, so that I) wouldn't freak out while she was in 10 feet of water.


Here Gator's instructor is telling her how to jump off the board.


I kind of thought she might be too afraid...


Nope...she just wanted to jump off the board the entire time.


We even brought Peanut along to hang out and watch. I decided to put Peanut in a life jacket while she's walking around the pool JUST IN CASE something were to happen. She didn't really like the jacket but she did like being able to go into the water a bit...


Gator also managed to convince everyone to let her try out the slide...I think she was scared at first but once she went down once she wanted to keep going down...


She loved it.

She did other things at swim class today too. She didn't have the jacket on the entire time. She kicked and paddled. She jumped off the edge. She used the rescue thing that you see her instructor using in one of the pictures near the diving board (and loved it).

I think her swimming has improved just this week alone. She's really getting to be quite a little mermaid. I'm sorry the pictures aren't all that great...I didn't adjust the settings how I thought I had and had focused my zoom on things other then her (I only know this now when I see the diving board completely in focus and Gator blurred!).

More pictures another time...hope you enjoyed!


NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

that's a nice pool!!!!! watch out.. Gator will end up with gills and you'll NEVER be leaving the pool again!

FourJedis said...

That is a very nice pool! I'm totally impressed with Gator! So brave. Anakin won't even let go of me with his vest on. Hehe. We're trying to sign up for lessons right now.