Saturday, June 26, 2010

Friday Fun!

All is well at our house! Vegas appears to have semi-caught up on his rest. I'm not so sure he'll ever really catch up on it but he's a lot more awake then he was a few days ago.

We had a very busy Friday because we took the dogs to the groomers for a haircut, hit up Costco and a few other places....I can't remember!

Oh wait...I do remember now...we had to go to Toys R Us because Gator has been doing such a fabulous job sleeping in her own bed that her stickers (which equal money) were burning a whole in her pocket and she NEEDED (yes, needed) a t-ball set.


Both girls actually really liked it and I think Vegas did too.


We kind of jumped from activity to activity (like always). Peanut really enjoyed the sandtable -- she looks like she's having some innocent fun, right?


But, she's not...if you look closely she's standing in a pile of sand and is using the small measuring spoon to dump more on the ground...


She was having fun though...that's all that really mattered.

They also had some fun on the swingset...


I can just hear Peanut saying "cheeeeeeese"...Gator has been working hard on pumping...


She did master balancing on this saucer swing...she loves it now.

After playing hard all afternoon we took Vegas out to dinner and the fountains!


They really do love the fountains...of course, they love running around the grass more. And, I think Peanut only likes looking at the fountains because she's never as wet as Gator who runs through them or lays down in them, etc.


I think Vegas enjoyed himself. He's happy to be home (for the most part...its still very loud for him!) and enjoying the time with the girls. The girls were happy to go out to dinner, get their cookie, run through fountains and more...


It was a blast! Gator's already asking "What's tomorrow's plan?" -- who knows! We'll find something fun to do...more later!


NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

Those fountains remind me of the Greene!!
And maybe Peanut and Mullet will get married, he LOVES a mess!!
I'm not so sure that Gator and Bubba are the match we'd hoped for!!

FourJedis said...

Awww, that looks like so much fun! :) We have that tee-ball set - gets lots of use! Good luck at your appointment today!