Thursday, June 3, 2010



I really hadn't planned on doing anything with the kids this week...

Ok, I did plan on doing stuff. It consisted of me sitting in the backyard while they ran around and played...but then I found out that the dinosaur exhibit was back at one of the local museums.


I wasn't sure if this was going to be THE dinosaur exhibit that Gator loved sooo much a couple years back or if it was different so we had to go.


Very similiar.

Lots of fun.

Can't believe I let Peanut out looking like this...(tank top, shorts and pink boots!) but she wanted to wear it!


And, what mother let Gator out of the house this morning with a dress THIS short?!


We went with our friends...aren't they cute?


Look at K's face...he's stinking adorable...and C just hid from the camera...then of course Gator squeezed Peanut like you wouldn't imagine...


They also have a cute little sister, R! Gator and Peanut think she's like the best thing ever...although she's not really "little" anymore! She's wearing the same sized clothes as Peanut and is within a couple pounds of her weight!

And, talk about some bad hair...Gator was like, "Why does the duck have funky hair?".


This museum is a really great place to take the kids...its small so you can run through it in about an hour but its the perfect time for a kid. Oh, and the best part? Probably the touch tank if you ask Gator...


I'm glad we got to go and check out the dinos...and what a fun time with friends.


And, some more dinosaur pictures...


Peanut was looking at these two...she was really interested in them...


This is a picture of K looking at the dinos. I think he's absolutely adorable...


Gator took her time to look at all the dinos. She loves dinos, but you all knew that already!

Lastly...a picture of all the kids digging for bones.


A fun time had by all...although, I have to say I could have done without the preteen/teen volunteer who was after the little kids on how to "properly" dig for bones. Once they found the bones she told them to bury them again. The kids were like "whatever..." and yeah, I just was a little overwhelmed with the fact she didn't realize they were so little.

I guess its part of life...until next time...and the next adventure!

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