Wednesday, June 30, 2010

38 weeks...

Well...let's see...

I'm 38 weeks pregnant today.


I honestly did not know if I would make it this far along. The week has been very exhausting...

Where do I start?

So, last week I had an OB appointment where my blood pressure was slightly elevated...instead of coming back in a week I was to come back in four days. But, things had already started to progress so she said maybe I will see you this weekend. I really didn't want a baby born over the weekend...I wanted some family time.

I had off and on contractions - Friday, Saturday and Sunday.



Then, Monday at 4am I woke to intense contractions that I called the OB on call at 6ish. We decided to wait it out until they got closer together or go to the OB appointment. I waited until the appointment (lunch time)...where, my blood pressure was still high, I gained a pound in four days and she could tell I was contracting and to Labor and Delivery.

The contractions were monitoring at about 8 minutes apart, 45 seconds long...which isn't long enough or close together enough EXCEPT they weren't stopping. I got some medication to relax me, two bags of fluid...still contracting. The problem was I wasn't progressing...I was stuck in the same place I was Monday at the OBs office (which was a little change from Thursday but not much). I was only 37w5d so they would not assist with anything until I either would just hit 5 or was 39 weeks pregnant (although I did hear 38 weeks mentioned by one person most people said 39 weeks they would offer pitocin, cervadil, water breaking...etc).

I opted to do the only thing I could - strip membranes and didn't work. I sat in the same spot f.o.r.e.v.e.r.

If you're ever thinking to yourself, "I'm so pregnant...and I'm so tired of being pregnant...let me strip my membranes..." DO NOT DO IT. Come talk to me. I'll give you all the gooey details about why you shouldn't.

Anyways, so I got discharged with instructions to come back if I was bleeding (more then spotting) or if I was having contractions that were between 5 and 10 minutes apart...which they thought was funny because they were measuring at 8 minutes apart when I left...the closest they got was 6 furthest apart 12.

Anyways, so I leave...get home...and well, I'm sent back to L&D for more monitoring (again, why you should never have your membranes stripped...)

So, then I'm discharged with ambien (it goes into effect way before 90 minutes like they said) and told to see the doctor first thing in the morning. I was practically walking into things...and when they say "give yourself 8-10 hours" really, give yourself that time. I slept 6 hours and was a walking zombie in the morning with an inability to keep my eyes open.

First thing yesterday morning, I went to the OB. My blood pressure was still on the high side 130/80s (which wasn't the 90's it had been Thursday and Monday so improved but not much)...and I managed to gain 3 pounds in a day. Hmm. The OB said, "I can't believe your still contracting you must have made some progress..." NOPE...just 4cm. I guess this is progress from the 0 I was once was, to the 1, to the 2-3, to the 3+...gah.

Anyways, due to the contractions and bleeding I will not be making it to 39 this is my last weekly post for pregnancy.

I have an induction scheduled which I have mixed feelings about.

Part of me likes induction because its controlled and another part thought "it might be nice to go on my own"...the doctor however does not feel it is in my best interest to wait until 39 weeks (July 7th) or that I will actually progress any further without intervention since I've been stuck in the same spot for so long.

So instead of looking back next week (July 7th) for a belly picture and a weekly will have to check in between now and then for an update!

Oh...and if you're wondering when the induction is scheduled for...that's a big secret:) You'll just have to wait between now and then!

Now, just for fun...please check out my belly picture blog so you can see the growth and changes over these past 9 months!


NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

God Speed, and may your body finally get some rest (HAHAHA, as newborns so let you rest)

Elizabeth said...

So exciting!!! Can't wait to hear when he arrives. :)

Sarah said...

so glad he's coming out soon, i am really starting to get concerned that you might explode. ;) hehehehe!!