Thursday, June 3, 2010

34 weeks!


Well, here I am at 34 weeks pregnant. Wow.

Looks like we have less then five weeks to go until we meet our little man!

I had a doctors appointment last week and was told that the last absolute day of me being pregnant is July 8, 2009. We could however opt to induce as early as June 29th. I think Vegas and I have decided to wait it out until July 8th. If it happens before then, it happens before then...if not, July 8th it is!

The awesome part about this doctor...she delivered Peanut! She's seen me my entire pregnancy and will come in and deliver this baby regardless of whether she's on call or not! That's a great doctor for you!!!

Everything seems to be going okay. I'm just really trying to take it easy.

The girls have been awesome...we've had lots of relaxing time and because of that I've been slacking on the blog. Have no fear...its not been forgotten!!

Here are a couple funny pictures of the kids from last night...


I guess they are funnier to me then they are to anyone else. I had almost forgotten to take my belly shot this week - it was really, really, really late. My shirt was stained so I had to change into this shirt. The kids were wild. They had slept but woke up, slept, woke up...and Gator was saying "take my picture, take my picture, take my picture...and make it go fast (continuous shot)".


Peanut looked like she was half asleep standing up but she wouldn't lay in bed or be more then two inches away from me at any given time...absolutely adorable.

I must admit I have some really cute kids.


FourJedis said...

Your kids are very cute, I concur. Your belly seems to have gotten considerably bigger. Yay, growing baby!

NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

I love your bump, hope to see it before I lose mine too! LOL