Wednesday, June 16, 2010



It is hard to believe that 20 months ago I turned 26. Oh wait...I mean, I gave birth to a beauitful baby girl named Peanut.


Today has been a good day...


we celebrated with icecream...

Ok, we didn't celebrate. Gator didn't feel well so I asked her if she wanted ice cream for dinner. She told me the dinosaur nuggets made her tongue and throat hurt. Poor kid. My Mom took her to Dairy Queen to get some icecream...

She didn't know what Dairy Queen was at first though - she thought we were talking about Krispy Kreme...all these Kreme/Creams!

Back to Peanut though...this is a post about HER!


So, she's 20 months old...time has flown. She's awesome. I love her. She gives the best kisses and hugs. She's hilarious. She makes me smile -- she would make you smile. I find some of the stuff she says makes me laugh and smile so much I have tears in my eyes.


I cannot imagine life without her in it. I cannot imagine not having this wonderful blessing. Have I told you how amazing she is?!


A lot has gone on in the past few days, its been hard for everyone...Peanut, me, Gator, my Mom and all the family that isn't here but wishes they were (just so they could hold her and hug her!) I appreciate all the kind words, emails and prayers. Thankfully she is doing well now.

I leave you with the funny conversation from tonight!

Me: Peanut can you say "Momma"
Peanut: "Momma"
Me: Peanut can you say "Dadda"
Peanut: "Dadda"
(a lot of other can you say this person's name)
Me: Peanut can you say "Papou"
Peanut: "Yaaa...Barleeeeeeeeee" (so not Papou)
Me: Peanut can you say "Barley"
Peanut: "Barleeeee"
Me: Peanut can you say "Biscuit"
Peanut: "Da Barleeee"

It is just completely amazing to see what joy she brings into my life...and what joy Barley brings into her life! I should have tried to get some pictures of them together - I'll try to do that soon. She loves that dog more then anyone...well, almost anyone. I'd like to think I might be just a notch above him!

Happy 20 Months, Peanut!

I wish you all the happiness in the world --
days filled with fun, love and laughter...
and lots of good health!


FourJedis said...

Aww, happy 20 months, little Peanut! You bring many smiles to me as well in reading about your adventures and seeing you and your long lashes in pictures.

NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

LOL, thanks Peanut, now I want ice cream...LOL