Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Mornin' Special!

My Mom and I took the girls to get donuts this morning for breakfast and let them eat them on the beach.

Yes, donuts don't exactly describe the healthiest of meals nor are they organic but man...they are good;)

After the donuts the kids played in the sand and water for a little bit before we headed home to start our Sunday! (no pictures of the kids eating donuts...I was eating too!)



The kids had a blast...let me start by telling you about their choice of clothing! First, Gator thinks everything Peanut wears must match Gator. Next, these are shirts they got from Nonie and Nonno (who just went on a cruise a couple weeks ago). They change colors in the sun and are just white in the dark. Well...Gator thinks they are the best thing, uh, she wore it Friday (then we washed it) then she wore it Saturday to bed and this is her Sunday AM in her pjs!


And, I didn't really have time to get the chocolate off either of their faces this morning as they were soooo excited to be near sand and water! Peanut wouldn't let me near her with a wipe...but she does sit nicely and say "cheese" for the camera.


Gator was really busy moving the dry sand into the water to make wet sand...


She convinced Peanut it was an important job so Peanut helped too...


A job well done!


One thing about Peanut is she is always easy to take a picture of (I feel like I get more pictures of her then Gator usually). This picture cracks me up because she's got her hands on her hips. This is totally her new thing and its adorable...


Don't forget to smile for the camera!!!


FourJedis said...

Is Peanut saying cheese in that last picture? So cute! Gator's hair is getting so long. I love it. Such pretty little ladies. I love the modern-day hypercolor tees!

Sarah said...

ok seriously!!! just give her to me! lol! the last picture looks like she's in pain, though! lol