Saturday, May 1, 2010


Well, Saturday was a town pass for the graduates.

We started off by going to the San Antonio Zoo. It was actually a lot of fun. Thanks to my way cool Boonshoft Pass I got quite the discount on getting everyone in.


A few years back Vegas and I were in San Antonio and we went to the zoo!


I remember loving it and thinking it had a ton of stuff there. Well, it did. We never got to see all of it. For the most part the girls saw lots and lots of birds, ducks, things with feathers!


They really didn't seem to mind...the budding photographer took lots of pictures...lots that I didn't even upload and a few that I did. Some of these are hers (I assume!). And, well, then there was Peanut who for the most part is a very chill kid...although she still has her moments when she screams like a pterodactyl (sp?).


It is funny to think back of the time that Vegas and I went to this zoo and the things we did and saw...then to see what the kids enjoyed...



I mean, who would have thought back then that someday I'd be bringing our little people there?


I just have so many adorable pictures of these girls...they made the trip to the zoo so much fun.

Oh, and below is a picture from my budding photographer... I think its awesome...


Oh, and I guess I'll add this picture...not the best of any of us...but I'll add it. The three amigos at the zoo!


After the trip to the zoo we had a quick lunch at Dave and Busters. Gator loves that place. We had lunch and then she got her card to go play...I was trying to advise her on games and stuff...before I could even tell her how to play one of the games she won the jackpot!

Here she is showing off all her cool loot (flash pop, hello kitty necklace, minnie mouse bracelet, lipgloss and kazoo...peanut got a flash pop and a kazoo...)


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