Monday, May 31, 2010

Our Exciting News!


First, Gator loves getting her nails done so the above picture is her pretending to get a pedicure with Peanut. It was really funny because after this picture she sent Peanut to the sand table to get sand and massage her feet...

But really, the more exciting news...


Peanut has decided its time to potty train!

Of course, this was really the last thing I was thinking about. She's young, Daddy's deployed, a baby on the way, Momma's tired...the list goes on!

But, she came to me and said "Potty peeez" and so I put her up there and it continued all day Sunday. We brought down Gator's old potty and she sat there so well. She let's me know everytime she's going but we have quite a few mishaps where it goes elsewhere.

I've had people tell me don't do it now...but, let me tell you this morning she had her pajamas on and I had no plans on getting up. She was in a diaper sitting right next to me on the newly washed sheets (like just Saturday) and she said, "Momma, potty" and then pulled her pajamas off, know where this goes right?!

She stood up and peed all over the bed.

Game on! We now have some training pants on way to our house...and we will tackle this battle.


FourJedis said...

That's awesome! Exactly how my Yoda is and it's so very refreshing that it probably won't be the big ordeal that it was with the first. Go Peanut!

NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

I am LOL b/c how random is it that "FourJedis" follows you and my neighbors blog??? (Seriously a Homemaker)