Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New York (part 2)

So, after I blogged all my photos I then uploaded the photos that Fence had sent to me. I've tagged them with my blog because,'re finding them here. But please be aware that ALL these photos were shot by Fence (and that's why they look so good!).


Now, I have the individual shots of these as well but I figured the collage just made it easier for you to see her talent (and uh, less hassle for me!).


Do I not have the cutest little Peanut?

IMG_6785 copy

Misty Sunset copy

So, yeah...she took some great photos. And, here are some of her cute kids too...



She didn't send me any of S or T...but she did send this other one that I really like too...


Wish I had her awesome talent...I've got a similiar camera so I can't want that lol. I think eventually I'll get better acutally, come to think of it I think my photography has gotten better over time...oh and Fence actually takes the time to edit her photos most of mine I'm too lazy to edit and I just tag...gah...maybe I should start doing some serious editing...all you photo people can give me some great editting tips;) I do have photoshop (not elements actual photoshop) and I've heard good things about gimp.

Well, that's about it...hope you can see how much fun we all had in New York!

Where and when will we meet up again?!


Missy said...

These are awesome photos!

NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

I need to get time on the "big" computer to learn PSE a bit more..
Fence makes me miss the darkroom! LOL