Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Shoes!

Ok, so Peanut's got some really, really stinky feet!

I decided to get her some new shoes awhile back. And, I did. The problem? I bought them in the size bigger then what she's currently wearing and they are HUGE.

Today, we decided we just couldn't stand the smell anymore and bought a new pair of sandals in the RIGHT size.


And here she is showing you her adorable shoes!


I included this picture so you could see how they look on her feet...I can't believe her belly shot!


And lastly, just the shoes...


Both girls seem to like them. Gator thinks they are funny to watch Peanut wear...and Peanut likes them because they make noise. She actually just stood there and jumped for awhile in the kitchen so we could hear them. It was adorable.

More pictures and blogs coming (but I'm going to date them before this one so you'll have to check back) I've been working on tagging them and all so its been quite a delay...lots of pictures though :) Make sure you scroll all the way down some are dated back to April 27th. That is the furthest they'll go back! :)