Thursday, May 13, 2010

Little Man's 3D shots!

I went for a 3D ultrasound yesterday. I was 31 weeks pregnant. This was my 2nd ultrasound - part of a package I had previously bought. Oh, click here to see the old ultrasound at 23 weeks. I could definitely tell he's grown!

Picture Time


The majority of the ultrasound he was rolled into a ball. His feet were at his face and his hands were there too. They got a few good pictures but it was a little difficult because of the way my placenta is, how far along I am and him being head down...this means the cord comes right across the face so it took a little effort to get him to move it.


The lady that was doing the ultrasound was a different one from last time. I was shocked at how big he looked because he does look a lot bigger then he did two months ago!


The lady said he looked to be about average size and judging from the fact that I already have two kids with similiar birth weights 7-11 (Gator) and 7-13 (Peanut), she guessed he would fall right along that...


We got a shot of his legs (they look big) but what's between them apparently was very big...I'm not sure if she says that to everyone but she told me he was one of the biggest she had seen in a long while. But really, how accurate is ultrasound?!


He's also got some big hands...oh, and all fingers where they need to be!




She told me that she didn't think he looked too much like me...well, that's okay. I was getting a little concerned about who he looks like...I found a few old pictures of Peanut from when she was just, looks just like Peanut!


You could tell he was kind of getting tired of the pictures...the last few shots he's got his arm covering his face!!!


Edit to Add pictures of Peanut first born:



And Peanut's 3d Ultrasound at 27wk


Hope you enjoyed!


Sarah said...

love him!!!! and you're totally right, he looks JUST like peanut. crazy how good those pictures came out! technology is amazing. :)

NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

Yeha he looks JUST like Peanut!!!!!!!
Can't wait to meet the wee dude!

Kelly said...

So cute! Although I must say 3D makes babies look kind of lumpy. But don't worry... I'm sure little A3 won't be lumpy when he comes out!

FourJedis said...

He's so cute - he looks full and healthy! Yay! I can't tell who he looks like.