Friday, May 14, 2010

A little fun...

Yesterday, we took the girls to the Salem Willows. It isn't a fancy place at all and really isn't big. It is just a tiny little strip of places near the water and park. They have some food, some games and some rides. I'm not really sure who goes there...but people have been going forever...really, forever!

I decided to take the kids down there for something fun to do before we leave the Boston area.

They have a few rides...only a few. These are some pictures of the kids enjoying the rides.

The cars




The lady bugs...



The boats...



The carousel...





Really...that's like all the rides - hah! The kids had a good time. The cars were fun but scared Peanut when they started...ok, let's me honest they all scared Peanut when they started. I'm so glad Peanut has Gator to look up to because without her Peanut would have been crying. Gator made her so relaxed on all the rides - soooo awesome.

The lady bugs have always been a favorite. The girls love them at Busch Gardens. The boats were okay but Peanut got bored on them after a bit...and they look soooo old. We joked that Papou rode on them when he was a kid (you know like half a century plus a go!).

The carousel has some history...its really old, really crazy fast! I didn't go on. I sent Papou and Nani on it with the kids. I tried to take pictures but let's be honest it wasn't as easy as it seemed. I took nearly 175 pictures last night (thanks to continuous shot!) and these are the ONLY decent ones. By decent, they aren't really good either. I'm looking for photo tips on how to shoot when things are moving fast. :) Ok, so leave those tips!!!


We grabbed some Pizza for dinner and then played a few games.


Peanut really likes putting the money in the slot and hitting the start button...aside from that she can't do much!


I was surprised how well Gator plays skee ball. She got a lot of tickets from it...


She also likes driving the cars but those don't produce tickets AND her legs are too short to hit the pedal so I had to sit with her...and OMG it hurt the belly!

We had a good time...the kids loved it! Who knows what the next few days will sure to keep checking back for some good updates and lots of pictures...and leave your photo tips for me so I can get some good shots!


Erika said...

great pics! it looks like the PERFECT place for their age group. how fun!!! and you look BEAUTIFUL, jen!!!! :-)

NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

so this is like an old school Chuck E Cheese!! LOL
Looks fun!