Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Jump Thingy

I really think this is what its called.

Its a little thing in the middle of the mall here that always seems to attract lots of people. If you're between like 30 pounds and 300 pounds you can try it out (for $7.00)!


Of course, Gator jumped (haha!) at the chance to try this out!


She has been asking for awhile. Each time we go to this mall she says, "Momma pleeeeeeeeeeeeease".


Its a pretty cool thing I guess. The kids just take off their shoes, get strapped in and start...




The jumping starts slow. You are just jumping yourself but then the bungees kick in and it brings you higher and higher and higher...


I wasn't sure if Gator would like this. But she did. She loved it. She got off and said, "Can I do it again?". Well, not yet my little one...but someday!

Oh and the photos would have could have might have been better if I had brought my camera and not just my phone. But kudos to the phone for taking halfway decent photos LOL.


FourJedis said...

That's so cool. One of my friends let her son do something like that in Myrtle Beach and ever since seeing it, I've wanted to find one for Anakin but am yet to. Yay for decent phone pictures!

Sarah said...

oh my!! that looks terrifying! i can't believe she liked it! lol.. crazy kid. :)