Saturday, May 15, 2010

icecream :)


Years ago, when Vegas and I were living up here (Hanscom AFB) we had this favorite ice cream spot. Almost every week we would go with our good friends Jess & James because they had the best icecream. Best because it was farm fresh made...not those cold stone, dairy queen kind of places but like made by them good ol' icecream.

Now that we live in Virginia...and well I think of Virginia being a little more farm like then not. We have yet to find a good icecream spot. Yes, 3 years of living where we live and we've yet to find a good one.

So, you can guess everytime when I come back up here I think about Kimball Farms. Just so happens that they are open now (for some reason I usually end up here in their off season!).


I got the girls each a kiddie icecream...Peanut went with MnM and Gator got purple icecream (black raspberry).

Yes...THAT above is a kiddie icecream. I was shocked.

I got my favorite Coffee & Cookies and went with a small...uh...not so small.


It was soooo big I couldn't eat it all. THankfully they had covers and I was able to bring it home!!


The girls loved the icecream, too! They also couldn't finish it...thank goodness because I'd be concerned if they could!


They had some animals to look at. The grass was green...they had pretty flowers. Would have been a great spot for a little photo shoot. Oh, they did have tons of mosquitos which didn't make me so happy but really, let's be honest...where aren't there mosquitos?!


Gator had a blast and was so thrilled to have icecream where Daddy used to eat his icecream. She's convinced she's been there before but I keep telling her "no, this is your first time Gator."


I'm so glad I took the time to go to Kimball Farms and got to have some yummy icecream with the girls on a nice Spring day!!


Erika said...

how fun!!! there are no misquitos here in los angeles...but...i took the girls last week out for ice cream, and the scoop was like the size of a tablespoon for $6! so there ya go. it's a trade-off! :-)

NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

awww, makes me miss Young's..

sharon jensen said...

Try Tukaway Traditions Bakery on Warwick BLvd. The ice cream is from the baker's sister's creamery in Northern VA. She tries to use all local ingredients. If you want to go pick berries or sweet corn with ice cream after you can try College Run Farms. It is a 50 minute drive but well worth it.

Sarah said...

mmmm... k's mention of youngs makes me miss it, too.. we have yet to find a good ice cream place here, too. though i haven't looked either LOL! their ice cream looks GOOD though!!!

NicaBC said...

OMG! I LOVE KIMBALLS!! It's so funny that we've never met, yet you are posting places near and dear...salem willows, kimballs, dunkin' Doughnuts...guess you gotta come see Krystin so we can meet! Love your blog and your oldest's name! :)

FourJedis said...

I love that you tie in Vegas so they can associate him with wonderful, yummy things while he's away. Very cool place! So glad the lovely ladies enjoyed it!