Saturday, May 8, 2010


Gator loves we finally made a big one on the patio so she could play. We took this video on Friday and I meant to upload it earlier was a busy day though and well, it didn't happen.

So, now I've uploaded it so that Daddy can see it. Gator really wants Daddy to see her play hopscotch. In fact, she's already making plans to play with him when he gets home...

Since this video was taken it has been very stormy. Lots of thunder, lots of rain...and lots of unhappy moments for Biscuit (who hates storms!). Unfortunately, the rain washed away the hopscotch and Gator wasn't happy about that so she shed some tears too...perhaps it'll be nice this week and we can make another.

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Erika said...

how cute is she?!!!!!!!!! that is just the sweetest video! she reminds me so much of Paprika...AND, hearing your voice- we sound so much alike, Jen! What a great video- I bet Daddy loves it. It really melted my heart!