Monday, May 10, 2010

DVDs from Daddy!

We got another package from Daddy last week. The girls were so excited to open it and see what was inside. Gator said, "its a movie, its a movie..." and Peanut just sat and watched (she's really a laid back kid for the most part).

We immediately tossed the DVD into the DVD player and then got the book ready.


The movie starts with Daddy saying, "Gator, Peanut where are you" of course the girls think its hilarious...then Daddy says, "Oh there you are..." meanwhile prior to that the girls are screaming "Daddy I'm right here...Daddy I'm here...right here Daddy..."


The girls took their turns waving hi to Daddy...


Then, Daddy got the book out and started...


Of course, the girls had to fight over who was going to hold the'd be surprised who won! Well, ok, I was surprised...




This whole program definitely helps to promote early literacy skills and a connection to the deployed parent during such a difficult time. I'm so thrilled that there are programs like this available for military families. I can only hope that more people take part in the programs and donate towards them as well!!


Thanks to the United Through Reading program for providing the book, special thanks to Daddy for sending us the DVD and book...and an even bigger thanks for talking about icecream on the DVD! Now each time we watch it the girls say "Momma can we have icecream now?"

To learn more about this program or to find a way to donate to the cause click here.

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NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

lol!!!!! that is awesome that they can read "together"!!!