Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Since our plans had changed and I wasn't feeling as rushed to pack...I decided to take the kids into the city and see the Swan Boats.


We actually tried to do the Swan Boats last year but the day we chose to go in was one of the nicest days and the line was soooooooo long. And, for some reason I was stroller-less in the city. I had Peanut in my Beco but Gator was hot, tired and just didn't work. This year, I had better plans!

We thought about going in this past Saturday but by the time we were all available to go it was early afternoon on yet another beautiful day...I could see the lines in my head and so I said, "nevermind".

But yesterday...well, it was beautiful but it was we went!

They are in the middle of the city...its gorgeous. If you're ever in Boston you should go!


So, we got on the boat...its small, nothing huge...nothing really too special...except that well, its part of Boston's history. And, I'd guess to anyone who grew up in Boston they'd grow up with the swan boats as well...


Both kids loved it...and Peanut's word of the day was "duck".


She pointed to every single duck and said "Duck" and if you weren't paying attention she'd say "Momma duck" was really cute.


They even have a couple swans in the pond as well...

The ride was the perfect length for both girls. They had a blast and wanted to go ride was enough though!

Oh...and I forgot to tell you all the most important part of it!!!

Before we got on the boat Gator saw a squirrel. She asked the squirrel, "Please carry this kiss to my Daddy" and blew him a kiss. Well, Mr. Squirrel I hope you did your job!



NicaBC said...

LOVE the swan boats...I know when I took my "bug" MANY years ago I was shocked by the 50 cent ticket price! Has it increased? I think we went in 2003.

mum2abby said...

It was a little more then that. It was like 2.75 for adults, 1.50 kids or something similiar to that!! Under 2 free.

NuthinLikeGatorMama said...


Sarah said...

awww, gator!! she's the sweetest. :) and yes, i hope that squirrel realized what a big job he was given. ;)

Erika said...

well how adorable is she "bring this kiss to my daddy?!" oh my- that is just the sweetest thing i've heard in awhile. melts my heart!

FourJedis said...

So incredibly adorable (except the Red Sox sweatshirt). Peanut is getting much blonder.