Saturday, May 15, 2010



Who doesn't like chocolate? fruit?

Well...yesterday I decided that I was going to make chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate covered pineapples with the girls. I love chocolate and I love fruit so I thought they would too...oh, and plus its a fun little messy activity for them to take part in!



The girls really liked helping dip the fruit into the chocolate. Peanut did one and placed it on the paper but then kept touching the strawberry so we let her eat it...


And, once Gator was done dipping the fruit she had one too...


So, you're looking at the photos and you're, looks like the girls had fun making chocolate covered fruit and fun eating it too. Right?

Yeah, not so much. Gator doesn't like chocolate on her strawberries and Peanut doesn't like strawberries in her chocolate. Thankfully, they can each eat the part they like LOL. Wow, crazy kids.


Erika said...

wow- we really are living parallel lives- we had chocolate covered strawberries last night...and i was saying, "we need to learn how to make these!"

haha. they are cute!

NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

LMAO, my OCD kids wouldn't eat the "other part" after the part they liked was gone. So at least your girls aren't wasteful! ;oP