Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Better late then...never?!

Ok, so last month (feels funny to think of April as being last month...actually feels funny that its already the 12th of May...where has time gone?!)...


Anyways, again like I was saying - last month before I went to Texas...the kids and I ventured to New York.

It was a really last minute trip. I mean, I had told Fence that I was going to go visit her at some point while I was in Massachusetts once her hubby left and get cake (yes, really it was all about cake) but I figured it was going to be in May and then she's like "you could come tomorrow"...I was like "ok".

IMG_3152 we went to visit. The last time we saw them was last year! A lot has changed since last year. G is walking, talking and almost 2! Peanut is also walking and somewhat talking (but not like G!) and then S is here (she was just newly pregnant last time!)...and all the girls, well, T&M have grown up soooo much and well, so has Gator.


So, the good news is Peanut immediately loved S. I mean, how could you not love S? The funny part they are within pounds of each other...and he turned 5 months old AFTER we left...


T is now reading...I mean, reading? Seriously. This is the kid who was smaller then Peanut when I met the Fence's.


Its funny to look at this picture because T is the oldest, then M and then Gator...but really, let's be honest...Gator looks the biggest(size wise I think her and T are the same size...except T probably needs "skinny" and Gator well, Gator doesn't. She's not fat or chubby she's just Gator).

And, Fence cooked for us...I know this doesn't look like cooking but really she made an awesome soup (which she still hasn't sent me the recipe!). Then after the kids ate the soup, yes...they ate the soup LOL...they then continued to eat and eat and eat...bowls of cereal.


Its funny because my kids never eat this much cereal...but they did this day...LoL.


I also used some time out there to freshen my photography skills...but we can see how well it worked, above picture Gator is blurry and cereal is sharp...hmm...that was so the plan.


Speaking of photography we thought...balloons...that'd be a great prop for the kids to have some fun playing with and get good pictures. There were lots of problems with this idea though. Starting with weather. Brr. That second day it was C O L D! The day before the sun was shining and sooooo warm.



The balloons were all bunched together at first...this was a big issue especially for G who just didn't understand why it wasn't easier to get his balloon...poor kid, poor Mama.


But once Fence managed to get all the balloons undone, ok, this wasn't as easy as I just made it sound lol...


She did have a happier camper. He still wasn't happy that she tied the string to his pants...poor Mama...we never do anything right!


What a difference 4 months of age makes...Peanut could have cared less about the balloons. Oh, it could be the 4 months of age OR it could be the fact that she had an ear infection (that I didn't know about until the next day).

Lastly, a few shots of just the girls together...




Ok, so maybe not the best pictures but boy it was fun...I'm so glad we got a chance to go visit them before they move ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE COUNTRY...gah! But, like we've all learned...the Air Force is very, very, very small and perhaps our paths will cross again!


Missy said...

I hope the Air Force has our paths crossing again.

NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

I really wish I could have been there..