Saturday, May 29, 2010

Berry Pickin'

Well, I'm happy to say that today we found a berry farm that was open AND had berries! Yesterday, we stopped by the one we went to last year only to find out they had no berries...a million phone calls to all the local berry places and I guess its been a bad season. Lots of rain which ruined crops and lots of hungry people picking all the berries!!


So...yesterday Gator was like completely devastated there were no berries to get. She cried in the parking lot of the place from last year...she cried on the way home...and she cried some more.


I knew they wanted to go berry pickin'. I guess I was just surprised at how excited they were! We got there like super early (9AM) and got our buckets -- surprisingly it wasn't all that expensive for two buckets fill them as much as you want and go on your way!


I, of course, had to put this picture in here...she's running so fast to get to the field...hahah!


We got to the field and started picking lots and lots and lots of berries...

The problem?


There were a lot of berries making it to bellies before buckets!


I really think its funny because a few weeks ago Peanut wouldn't even touch a strawberry and now I think today she probably ate close to 25 strawberries!!


It must be something about fresh picked strawberries!


And, everytime I looked she was in the berries...


She did help pick them...but ate almost all the ones she picked...that left me bending over a little too much...thankfully my Mom and Gator did a good job on their bucket!



She didn't care I had to bend over to pick them...she was just so happy to eat them!


I tried my hardest to get some shots of the girls together...I have fifty, of the fifty...well, they all stink.


I leave you with this bit of information...strawberry picking is fun when you're not 33 weeks pregnant. When picking, get only the red ones and watch your children carefully as there were many half eaten ones in my bucket. Good news is we have a really good supply of berries...washed, cut and frozen! I think I should be able to make it about 6 weeks before buying any!!

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NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

I am glad you found a farm that was open!! :)
I want to take the kids berry picking. Hmm.. but you bring up a good point about that bending over stuff.