Wednesday, May 19, 2010

32 weeks!


Wow, another week. Where has time gone?

This week I've decided to look up some information to tell you a little about Archer...

Your baby now weighs about 4.4 lbs (2000g) and measures about 12 inches (30cm) from crown to rump and about 19.4 inches (43cm) in total. Now that your baby is running out of room in your womb, you can probably see your belly moving as your baby kicks. Your baby may dream as he sleeps and when awake he may be alert, listening, feeling and even seeing dim shapes. Though your baby is still inside the womb, he is learning all the time as billions of neurons are making connections. Your baby is probably in his birth position by now. Your baby's lungs may be sufficiently developed by now, though if he were born now, he would probably still need an incubator to stay warm.

Pretty amazing stuff...huh?

It really is an amazing thing to be part of!

This week I have nothing too exciting to report...another week has passed, the kids are doing well and I'm feeling better then I was last week.

The good news is I got a baby gift from my Aunt...a new diaper bag that I absolutely LOVE!


Vegas is probably rolling his eyes...another diaper bag!

But, I'd like to tell you since I've had Gator I have only owned TWO...yes TWO diaper bags in four years (both purchased before Peanut was even born!) So this is new and exciting for me...and I'm very happy!

For all those other parents out honest, how many diaper bags have you owned...I was shocked to hear some answers of nearly ten bags plus for several of my friends!!!If you do leave a comment (so Vegas can see it) make sure you leave how many bags you have had and how many years you have had them. Its not the same if you have a 4m old and have had 3 bags as well, having a nearly 4 year old and 19 month only having had 2 bags! Absolutely amazing in my eyes!!!!

The bad news is that I did buy a large bag of pretzel MnMs last night and they will most likely be gone by tomorrow (all thanks to me!).

Other then that, we had travel plans to head back home today but we've delayed it for a week due to some unfortunate circumstances. As long as things go as planned we will be heading back next week. The kids (who don't understand) are looking forward to the extra week here...their new dresses and seeing Nonie and Nonno.

Anyways...another week has gone by so very'll be next week in the blink of an eye!


FourJedis said...

I feel like your pregnancy is flying by too! I bought one bag for Anakin and one for Yoda, so I only have 2. Oh and my mom made one for me, so really I have 3. Glad the girls will be happy about staying longer, but sorry for the circumstances that postponed your return home.

Sarah said...

wow, 32 weeks already!! and you look awesome! and what the heck are pretzel mnms???? i think i need to try these! ;) oh, and i already own 1 diaper bag and have no babies. :D but, i have issues.

Erika said...

i've had two diapers bags, was a Petunia Picklebottom that was a gift (not my color choice...but whatever) and then i got the PBB touring tote from that deal that Corey sent two. We are so alike! :-)