Thursday, May 13, 2010

31 weeks!

Ok, so I'm 31 weeks.

Again, like always...where has time gone?


I keep thinking about how quickly this pregnancy has gone by...not only that but like how quickly time passes in general. It feels like I was JUST pregnant with Gator, just giving birth to Peanut. This pregnancy I think I'm doing a better job taking photographs. Perhaps its because of my photo challenge. You know...a year of photos and blogging? Well, that definitely helps it out. But also because I want Vegas to feel like he's connected to us from the sandbox he's currently residing in. I'm not sure how connected he feels but I hope that this helps him to see the girls and me frequently...oh and the rest of the family that doesn't get to see us all that often either!

So, pregnancy is going along well. It is tiring being 31 weeks pregnant. Ok, its even more tiring being 31 weeks pregnant with two little girls that run circles around you!

This week I've started having some cravings...what are they? Everything! I love milk chocolate, coffee icecream (starbucks java chip to be specific), fresh fruit, bananas (out of no where I must add) and I can't stand meat!!!

Sleeping has become a chore. I'm so uncomfortable that I find I'm tossing and turning and not sleeping. My back hurts like you wouldn't imagine and I have Braxton Hicks contractions...I'm just grumpy. With no sleep, a sore back and Braxton Hicks contractions I have found myself to be very, very, very short with the little people. Knowing that I needed to change my ways...I sucked it up and went to Babies R Us and bought a pregnancy pillow.

I started with the pillow that was on sale - Boppy Pregnancy pillow...ok, it was horrible. I brought it back and got the Snoogle Pregnancy Pillow (yes, I actually did own this previously but got rid of it before we moved from Ohio). Anyways...what a lifesaver! I came home and took the best nap and felt GREAT. Phew! Then when it was time to go to bed I was all excited...until...


Really?! Happy 31 weeks!


NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

Oh this makes me want a new one.. mine does NOT look like taht anymore!! It's all flat and lame, but better than nothing!!

FourJedis said...

You look so awesome but I feel like your belly is definitely rounder with this one. My sister was really round with her four boys and much less with her daughter's pregnancy... wonder why that is. I'm so glad it's going quickly. Where can I follow your 365 photos?

mum2abby said...

Nat- My 365 photos turned into 365 days of photos for the blog. I can't pick just one yeah ;) I am hopeful to at some point get better with this'll have to read todays blog and give me some camera tips...LOL :)