Wednesday, May 5, 2010

30 weeks...

Ok, so this is a fun week.


I went to the doctor and THANKFULLY did not gain 12 pounds this time...just 5. Eeek. This kid likes to eat. But c'mon with all the good food that has been put in front of me recently, who wouldn't gain weight?!

So, the appointment went well. My blood pressure surprised me at only 118/70. Only. Everything else seemed good. I measured within range, had a good heartbeat and a head down baby. Phew!

The doctor okayed me to travel through 32 weeks but after that she told me, "order pizza, sit on the couch and watch movies..." hah! I wonder if that will really happen? Afterall, the wee people don't really like pizza!

As a special "30 week" gift to the kids...

...and well, a day that needed an art project. I let them color on my belly.


The above picture was taken courtesy of Gator who is a budding she thinks! And to be honest, some of her photos are better then mine!


The final project was hilarious...and I bet your wondering did it just go on your belly?


Well, also went on Gator's belly. Peanut just colored in her own belly button. I'm very thankful for washable markers as I learned a few weeks ago if you get in the shower within an hour (I don't know about waiting much past that) it all runs off you once the water hits.

We had a fun day and managed to get some stuff ready for the little man! We stocked up on diapers at the store (3 huge boxes!) because Pampers is coming out with a new line and I wanted the old ones!!! Then we went through baby clothes from Peanut and picked out some gender neutral ones...we even stuck them in the drawers! I'll wash them later!

So, do we still have a lot to do? Yes! But is it coming along...uh-huh!


And, the perfect end to the chip icecream with cinnamon toast crunch on top! You think its gross but all three little A's loved it!!! Oh, and me too!



NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

your belly is soooo ADORABLE!!!
Like you're smuggling basketballs! LOL

Sarah said...

how cute are you!!!!! the girls did awesome artwork. and i am seriously LOL @ peanut coloring in her belly button. ;)
btw.. my comments are working again! yay!!!