Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Ok, so we were so excited to be back...but let me be honest, I was dreading this morning. Why? Because we had NO food in the house...

I have friends that say "we have no food" and I've even said it before...but really, let me show you what no food looks like...


This called for a trip to Trader Joe's! Thankfully, we made it up there and back...of course, we had to stop and get breakfast somewhere first because the little people were starving...but yes, we now have food...and enough food that I should only need to eat ONE meal out :) Isn't that an awesome plan?

2010-04-07 11.24.12.jpg

Then, the girls started pulling out toys...its like Christmas in April when you haven't seen your toys in a month!



It was a great day to play! The weather was really, really hot! So, we did venture out a little bit...but for the most part we stayed inside and stayed cool!

The girls had a great lunch...we Skyped with Daddy...our neighbors stopped by...oh, and then it was naptime.

Yeah, naptime.

Did I tell you that last night Peanut slept in the crib from the moment we got home until 7AM this morning? Did I tell you it was the best sleep I had in a LONG time? Well, its over. I won't be sleeping like that anytime soon!

I put Peanut down for a nap...then all of a sudden I heard a thud, I ran to her room...opened the door...what did I see? Why, I saw Peanut walking towards the door...

She is a climber...and she's out.

I just can't risk her getting for now, she cannot sleep in the crib. But, what to do? Do I buy a crib tent? Put her mattress on the floor in her room? Do I put her mattress on the floor in Gator's room? What?

Well, Vegas and I still have yet to OFFICIALLY decide but I'm leaning towards just moving her into Gator's room. That's where she's currently sleeping for the night...and where she took her nap.

Poor Gator she's got a gate blocking her if Peanut can't climb over it...but still.

2010-04-07 13.12.46.jpg
Above, just chillin'...below, sleepin' like a log!

2010-04-07 13.15.27.jpg

More pictures later from our beach visit;)


NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

I think room sharing is a great thing for girls!! I'm worried about how it will work for Bubba and Mullet. And you know why. She looks so grown in the "bed"

FourJedis said...

We are all about room-sharing... Look at little Peanut in the big bed! So cute! Glad you guys are home and enjoying it!

So in love. said...

Awww! I love her sleeping in the big bed! That's so cute!

Lisa Coleman Boutilier said...

As you saw on FB last night, Austin did this too. We took out the bumper pad and lower the matress to the bottom setting. I'm hoping that contains him for a bit but I have a feeling I'll be converting the crib into a toddler bed this weekend!

mum2abby said...

Lisa, we had nothing in the crib with her...and she climbed out...I fear Mr. Austin will be able to do the same thing! Hope you can contain him through the weekend!