Monday, April 19, 2010


We had a very busy Sunday!

First, I had promised Gator I was going to take her to the movies a couple weekends ago but then Peanut got sick, then it was Easter weekend, then it was the weekend we were out of town and now...well, its this weekend. So, I promised her. BUT...she didn't behave so I had to take it away from her on Saturday. I told her that if she behaved we could go on Sunday but that it wasn't going to happen Saturday...her world ended, slowly.


On Sunday morning we headed to the theatre. It worked out better because then we would be able to see a matinee and perhaps most of the people would be at church so we'd have a chance to have a quiet movie experience.

Ok, so I knew it wasn't going to be as "cheap" as it was in Virginia but I never thought it was going to cost me $13.00 PER ticket to see How To Train Your Dragon in 3D at 10:30 in the morning. Then she needed popcorn and a drink, yes I could have gotten a small but then we might have run $13.25 for that. Yes, for just Gator and I to go to the movies $39.25! I could have bought TWO movies for that price...but whatever, we had a good time.

Although...I don't know how the movie ends because getting a large drink proved dumb when she had to pee five minutes before the movie ended so...yeah, no clue on how it ends but it was fun anyways!

We came back, had lunch and took naps...then went out shopping with Nani because she needed to get some new shoes. She probably wouldn't have needed new shoes if when Peanut was sick she didn't aim into Nani's favorite shoes LOL but, that's life!

So, I bribed them.

"If you behave we'll let you play for 30 minutes..."

Oh, they behaved!


They both loved the bubble machine...of course, Gator moved so quickly that I wasn't able to get any of her in focus...not that Peanut is in focus but Gator was REALLY out of focus!

And the best part...they willingly left still being best of friends!


Oh...and one more thing...while Gator was sleeping Peanut found a penny and insisted it go between her toes...


She tried to walk with it between her toes but didn't make it too was just kind of funny!

Now, the girls are playing so nicely with toys and "packing" their suitcase (doctor's case)...they've waved by and told me they are off to catch the plane...and are now sitting on the stairs.

You have to understand how cute this is that Gator has such an imagination and Peanut goes along with the whole thing! Even coming to wave goodbye and give me a adorable.

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NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

we loved the movie and will be biying the DVD.. sorry abour yor mom's shoes!! eek!