Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sand Monsters!

2010-04-13 14.57.05.jpg

Well, the girls had such a fun time playing with their own sand table that my Mom thought it'd be a good idea to get one for them to play with here. Its a cute little sand table and the girls definitely are loving it. They played with it yesterday for nearly four and a half hours!


Gator actually made it a mudd table and made Mud Pies for Momma, a book she loves!


I'm surprised they played so long at it because Gator still hadn't been feeling all that great...but, I'm glad she did play at it that long because it seemed like being outside made her feel a bit better.


They also got to paint a little with their sidewalk chalk...of course, Gator keeps telling me "paint" and that's what it is but you know...once in the habit of calling it chalk...its all chalk, right?

Looks like today and tomorrow will be good days to play outside but after that its going to get really chilly and wet here for a few days. I'm sure they'll enjoy the sandtable and paint some more today.

Oh, and what happens to the sand table when we leave? My Mom was gonna sell it on Craigs list but good news is I already found someone who wants it...and who wouldn't want it...its an awesome thing to, if you're a Mom with kids this age....definitely get yourself one...or make one (not sure how you'd make one but I'm sure its doable). Its a favorite in our family and soon can be a favorite in yours too!

And, yes, they are messy...I did sweep nearly a cup of sand of the kitchen floor yesterday and another half cup or so out of the tub! But, messy is fun!


NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

I'm going to use rice!! :D
It's adorable!!

mum2abby said...

I thought about that...but honestly wet rice sounds disgusting! I mean then it would get sticky and what not...ick.

You should totally use sand, it makes awesome sand castles...and messy is fun :)

Really, is rice LESS then messy sand?

Lisa Coleman Boutilier said...

Austin has a sand and water table (although I have yet to put water in it knowing full well that would result in a full mud table!) and he loves it. We'll spend all weekend outside at it, well that and blowing bubbles!