Saturday, April 17, 2010


Six years ago today...our little puppy Biscuit was born.

Ok, I know you already think I'm crazy but really. It's Biscuit's in honor of Biscuit here is a blog all about him!

First...this is his first picture:


Ok, so we got him through an online breeder. I know I should REALLY never buy dogs from a pet store (we didn't) and just rescue them. But, logistically, I wanted to know what I was getting so we went to a breeder who happened to be online. Now, thinking back on it and looking at his site Purebred Pups...maybe its not as breeder-ish as where we got Barley but its not a puppy mill least I like to tell myself that!

His Dad, Poodie, a brown poodle:


His Mom, Win Gro Schna Happy Girl, a miniature schnauzer -- with a ridiculously long and crazy name in my opinion:


We "ordered" him and they shipped him on a plane from Iowa to Boston a week later. We got to pick him up at the airport and play. He was a very playful puppy. Although, I was kind of bummed he immediately loved Vegas more then me.


He did "like" me but he loved Vegas...still does prefer Vegas.


It might have something to do with all the dumb things I did to him. Like during summer I bought a little pool for him to keep cool. There was MAYBE four inches of water which really, a dog isn't going to drown in that little amount of water. I knew that but still, the life jacket was adorable!


And, just like Vegas he falls asleep on the couch watching TV.

For giggles...he's sorta like the girls too because at an early age he mastered climbing over the baby gate...ahh, what's a Momma to do with all these troublesome children/dogs.


Really, he's part of the family...always has been and regardless of how much he barks, how many holes he digs...he always will be.

Here is a picture of when we flew with him down to TN. He's sitting on the porch at Nonie and Nonno's house.


He's been such a good dog...its hard to believe he's six. time flies.

Happy Birthday, Biscuit!

Check back later because today Gator got him a birthday cake so we'll take pictures of that for the next blog!


NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

he's cute, but he's NOT as cute as the subject matter of all the other blogs!! ;oP

Happy Barkday!!

Kelly said...

Happy birthday, Biscuit! I remember you as a cute little puppy that scared 5 year old Maia. I don't think you ever humped my head (I do believe that was dear Barley) so thanks for that. Enjoy the rest of your special day!