Thursday, April 15, 2010

Our Top Ten List!

Ok, so here goes.

This is the Gator & Peanut Top 10 list of Outdoor Toys...but the cool part is they are all top on Gator and Peanut's list SO I'm not going to count them down...but these are by far the coolest of the cool toys...and the must have additions for every family backyard!

Bubbles. Who doesn't love bubbles? It doesn't matter whether you have a big bucket, a long tube, a short small little jug...bubbles are just great!



Cozy Coupe. These are great cars. You can find them pretty cheap on Craigslist and even cheaper at a Yard Sale. Last year, I bought one for Abby for $4.00 and then spray painted it! She loves it.


Tricycles. These Retro ones look the same whether they are 20 years old or brand new...<3 them!


Sand Table. I know I've mentioned this before...but really...everyone needs one! Not just a sand table, a sand water know the kind that turns into a MUD table!



Puppy Dogs. Really, the kids love the "puppies". Although our puppies are nearly six years old! They are fun to chase around and throw toys to...but also snuggly! Yes, they are looking kind of shaggy but have no fear...they are getting groomed this weekend!



Chalk Paint. Really, this stuff is awesome. You can find it here. Its definitely great stuff. You can find it at that link or on etsy. They even make small little packs that are perfect for birthday favors!



Baby Dolls and Little Sisters. You always need someone to cause trouble with and make a mess. Its no fun covering yourself in sand and chalk paint if you can't cover someone else with it too!



Swingsets. We all need a place that is "ours" and a place to climb high, slide fast and swing to the moon! Check them out having fun on our swingset last week.

Bounce Houses! This is by far one of the girls most favoritest (in Gator's words) things to play with (see here). She tried so hard today to get me to pull it out but we had a million other things out and I had hopes of going to the store so I thought another day might be better...

And last but not least...ball hoppers and big trees. I know this sounds kind of funny but Gator loves her ball hopper. She was playing on it earlier when I said, "jump this way so I can take your picture..." of course she jumped the other way and then I couldn't see her...she just giggled beyond belief because I couldn't take a picture. We ended up having a game of chase around the tree. I did get some cute pictures. Gator had a blast and so did Peanut running around the tree.




We hope you enjoyed our list as much as we enjoyed making it for you!

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NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

those bouncy balls look fun, but I don't trust 3 of my kids and their head size on them..LOL

The sand and water table will be mine!! ;oP and I <3 bubbles OUTSIDE!

Great pix btw!!