Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Monday's Madness!


Where do my days go?

Really...I spent most of yesterday around the house with the kids playing. They had a blast too. They pretended to be flying on airplanes and packing their suitcases. They played farm...colored, danced...played outside. Oh, it was a lot of fun.

I told Gator that I'd take them to feed the ducks. I did bring my camera but never snapped any photos as we got there and there was a sign that said "Do Not Feed Ducks" hmm. But, I promised so I gave her one piece of bread and let her feed them. Afterall, there were several other people that had already left massive amounts of popcorn, dogfood and bread all crumbled up for the ducks. Dog food, really?

They both had fun feeding the ducks but I did find it a little difficult being pregnan and having to watch two kids near water...especially Peanut who doesn't understand water isn't meant to run into. Especially pond water! Ick.

We got back to the house and played outside...


Gator was a little bummed that I wouldn't put water in the table yesterday but the sand was still so wet from last weeks ridiculous amount of water...


She did get over it fairly quickly and was happy.

I keep looking at this picture and think "people must think I never do my kids hair..." I don't know what to do...its ALWAYS, yes, ALWAYS in her face.


Peanut doesn't seem to have that problem BUT she's got other problems...lol. Like, this cute little face she's making is while she's saying "No Mama" really must she smile about that?

Also, one last picture to see her wearing this sweatshirt. When we went out I told her that she needed to get a sweatshirt and she kept grabbing this one. I told her to get a different one but she really wanted this one. What's the issue? This one is a size 5T and is Gator's! Still cute...



FourJedis said...

Her hair screams, "Lazy mom!" Just kidding. They are so cute. Peanut looks innocent, but she and Yoda would be 2 peas in a pod!

Erika said...

adorable!!! i know what you mean- it is a lot of work to go feed the ducks, and being pregnant does NOT make it easier! (((Hugs))) paprika wears 5t and ginger wears 12-18 months! i swear gymboree clothes can stretch to eternity (that's why Paprika could wear Ginger's clothes!)...i guess we just need to get used to the idea of them sharing clothes- before too long they really WILL be wearing the same size! you are doing a GREAT job, mama!