Friday, April 30, 2010

A little fun!


One of the things about being down in Texas was the warm, warm weather! Its not that its not warm here in Virginia but in Boston it was cold. Gator has the itch for summer and was really happy when we were going away to a hotel with a pool.


They both actually really enjoyed the water. I would have enjoyed it more if the pool was heated but we can't have everything...or can we?

Anyways, the girls had a blast swimming. I had Gator using her bubbles/swimmies/water wings because it was easier for me with the two kids. She did try and go solo with out them but wasn't as good as we'd hoped. Good news is she will start swim lessons soon with the same college kid who taught her last year. And, of course, after last years mishap at our subdivision pool where I jumped in holding Peanut completely dressed to save my own kid...well, private lessons it is until she can get herself to where she needs to be.

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