Monday, April 26, 2010

Hanging with the cousins...

We finally arrived in Texas to visit the girls cousins S & E! They are all pretty much similiar in age - 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008! I thought the older two would be best buds and the younger two. I was wrong! Peanut and S are loving each other and Gator and E!


Gator & E (above) and S below!


I think (well, ok not just me) that S & Gator look a lot alike. This morning Gator was getting ready to come downstairs and S's dad looked up and said "Why are you upstairs" -- he thought Gator was S! LOL...and this morning I thought Gator was S too, when she sat down at the kitchen table!


They've been having a really good time playing together. They almost went to bed last night together as well but that didn't last too long!


They are all having a really good time together...lots more pictures to come but here were just a few! Wish these cute kids lived closer together because they are having a blast!!!

And...really quick...a couple pictures from my cell phone:



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FourJedis said...

Your family makes beautiful girls! Love seeing them playing (and having a blast) with their cousins!