Thursday, April 8, 2010


We didn't have any fun plans tonight for dinner...until my friend L called! Her hubby isn't home either so it kind of worked out nicely. She brought over CFA (who doesn't love CFA) and the kids ate & played...

IMG_2885 copy

It was such a nice night out we played outside and painted...we love our sidewalk chalk

Little E (who isn't all that little - heheh) was happy playing with the bigger kids until she realized how much fun Peanut was having at the sand, off she went to try and steal the shovel...

IMG_2887 copy

Thankfully...we have more then one of those shovels....especially since Hay & Gator followed...

IMG_2888 copy

The kids jumped from activity to activity...and the little girls seemed to stick close together...I'm using the little word lightly, Little E reminds me soooooo much of Gator...such an adorable chunk!

IMG_2891 copy

Once she saw I was taking pictures she quickly let go of the wheel and came over for a photo!

IMG_2892 copy

IMG_2895 copy

The kids really had a blast...I just can't believe how beautiful the weather is...what a perfect day to play outside...

IMG_2896 copy

Peanut is nearly 18 months old (8 days to go!) and she's wearing this outfit that I SQUEEEEEEEZED Gator into on her 1st birthday!

IMG_2897 copy

IMG_2899 copy

Happy Thursday!

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Erika said...

looks like so much fun! you are a great mommy!!!!