Saturday, April 3, 2010

A busy day planned!


This morning we are getting all our packages ready to go out! We have a few returns to make, our Lent package to be mailed, some diapers that we sold and the best one...a package to Daddy!

Peanut was a little bummed that she couldn't fit in the box for Daddy.

Later, Gator did find a box Peanut could fit in...but I didn't take a picture. Don't worry, we're not mailing Peanut! Sorry, Daddy! She's just too cute to risk being lost in the US postal system!


The girls did work hard on filling the box with more artwork...


They both love to do art projects and even just coloring! If we're feeling motivated today (we have a lot to do) we might be doing an Easter project...along with painting eggs...going to the post office AND a special surprise that you'll have to come back and see later :)

Oh, and we'll all need some shades today...

2010-04-01 11.19.06.jpg

It is going to be VERY nice out!

One last picture that really doesn't have much to do with anything is this last one of Peanut...she's stinkin' adorable looking up at me the shaded area is my belly...poor kid, she has NO clue what's coming...


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