Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Beach!

I finally got around to editing these photos...ok, not really an edit but more putting my little stamp of "hey this is mine" on them! I would have gotten them up earlier but I was having some technical difficulties with flickr!

Anyways, enough babble, right?

Took the girls to the beach on Wednesday with E & her kids. They had a blast...


In fact, they had so much fun that they didn't want to leave...what's new with that though, right?


We didn't plan anything fancy...tossed down a couple towels, brought some sand toys...and well, made it a little fun hour or so of play!

J-Dude is just learning to crawl...I almost wrote that he was 9 months old but in doing the math I'd say he's 10.5 months old? Anyways, he's crawling. Its adorable. He's gotten SO big lately. I think he's bigger then Peanut! And he's fast...too fast for E. He loves sand, the way it tastes, feels, looks...and well...he's adorable. B, well, she wasn't really into the whole beach thing...a little scared of the water, sand, etc...but I think she still had fun...then there are my kids...who love sand and water and mixing sand and water...what's not to love?


Oh...and I have tons of beach pictures, so I'm trying to just pick a few to show...but this one is so funny because Gator is carrying this pail FILLED with water...I swear its gotta be at least 10 pounds!


And, she kept carrying it back and forth...just dumping it on the sand Peanut was playing on...and Peanut was thrilled.



They really just had such a blast running and playing in the sand...I love her smile!

Speaking of smiles...this picture of B is just adorable...


I'm so glad the weather has been perfect...I love taking the kids outside to play and I love taking them to the beach. These two are just adorable. They always keep me smiling...I hope they realize how very lucky they are to have each other!



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Ellen said...

Bug had a blast, when we got back in the car she kept wanting to go back out. LOL! J Dude on the other hand didn't care as long as he got dinner when we got home...