Friday, April 23, 2010

28 weeks!

Wow, 28 weeks.

So, I say that as every week passes...but really, 28?!


This means I'm officially in my third trimester. That in like 12 short weeks I'll be holding Archer in my arms. It means that in 12 weeks (or less you know) I will be responsible for THREE children. Its not that I'm not responsible for three children now but having him confined to the belly means I don't have to chase him or worry about the girls picking him up (or dropping him!).

Wow, our life is gonna change so soon!

Good news is I'm feeling pretty good. Don't think I've gained too much weight and have been enjoying pregnancy.

Bad news...its so hard to bend over and do anything! Tie my shoes, tie anyone's shoes...pick things up off the floor, etc. Wow!


Erika said...

you look adorable! 12 weeks goes by quick!!!

Meghan said...

are you really pg, or is there a basketball under your shirt??? LOL
You look great and I cant wait to SEE you!
(Meghan's Mom)