Wednesday, April 14, 2010

27 weeks!


Well, 27 we are!

Nothing super exciting to report. Things seem to be going along well. I'm not stepping on a scale until I go back to the doctors so I can't tell you if I've gained any weight or whatever...gah, I hope not! I know it'll happen but I'm still in shock after that 12 pound gain in a month. What can I say...I have a hungry little dude in the belly!

I did venture out to the mall yesterday and buy a new pair of jeans...I was debating whether I really needed a new pair or not. Its one of those things where I can think of a million different ways to spend money and why should I buy a pair of jeans that I can only wear for 13 weeks?

Well, simply because the pair of jeans I loved have hole in them...a none fixable hole...and I was wearing them but packing a spare pair of pants/shorts in the diaper bag knowing that they would inevitably rip. I didn't want to get to that I got a new pair. Oh. My. These are the best pants I have ever owned!

Aside from that, I still haven't bought the little dude much. I did attempt to straighten out the nursery while I was back in Virginia but I wasn't too successful. I still only have a couple onesies and a couple pairs of shoes...

But, I did finish knitting his hat.


I have to get a needle and finish the top but its pretty much done. I've already started another too!

Oh...and I treated myself to some yarn yesterday...


I think I'll make a hat and a cute little pair of longies for him to wear. Its great yarn. She has some more on clearance as well, so if you like yarn...go check it out!

Ok...well, I guess that's all the excitement this week can bring! Next week will be the start of the THIRD trimester...holy cow!


The Austin Family said...

Love the hat!! and the yarn is gorgeous :) Are you coming to NY any time? I have a gazillion little boy clothes from 6mths & up I think... :)

NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

YUMMY yarn, and your bump is soo CUTE!!

mum2abby said...

Clara, I'm hoping to visit GF in early May for a couple days, it'll be after the 5th but before the 20th :) I'll need to get together with you anyways...I need some tortillas (you wonder why I gain 12 pounds in a month LOL).