Thursday, April 8, 2010

26 weeks!

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Well, I decided to post this today instead of yesterday so I can update y'all on everything!

Things here are going great. I can't believe I'm 26 weeks pregnant...its unreal!

I have recently purchased Archer a couple shirts and a couple pairs of shoes...yeah, that's it. That's all the poor little dude has. And now, I'm going to be focusing on cleaning Peanut's room and making it ready for the Little Man. Thankfully, I do have quite a bit of gender neutral all I have to do is find it, sort it, organize it...and well, then I'm done...right?

Anyways...I have been eating a LOT. I find myself eating way more then anyone else...and I'm always, always, always hungry. I did notice earlier this week that I look like I've gained some weight (giggle) some...ha!

Well, today at the OBs office that was in fact confirmed...I have gained...*gasp* twelve pounds this past month...yes...twelve! I'm measuring at 27-28 weeks pregnant (so a little ahead), the heartbeat is perfect and my blood pressure was 128/72 (which is a little high for me these days!) but, everything look great!

I'm sure the high blood pressure might have had something to do with the kids behavior...well, they were actually behaving but its still not relaxing taking them places sometimes especially when I say "you can have a drink and snack AFTER the appointment" and then I'm asked repeatedly for it...but, its life. I'm hoping not to continue on this weight gain path...that said, I will bypass the amount of weight gained with both of the girls during this pregnancy...I am not however sure I will hit the exact weight I hit with either of the girls. Phew! (I started 15 pounds or so lower this time around) but still...I'll easily bypass the total weight gained...and I might even hit that horrid weight I hit with them too. Thankfully, when Little Dude pops out (I'm working on finding him a good nickname...little man, little dude, firecracker?) I'll have two children to chase, one to feed...and well, I'm sure the weight will be off in no time. I lost all my weight quick with I can hope!

Anyways...more next week...

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Missy said...

So my blood pressure was like 140 WAY WAY high for me. And I have nothing for Emelyn, LOL!!! go figure. But my weight I blame on the weather. I am lucky and measuring right on schedule however I would like to have her early. hee hee