Friday, April 16, 2010



Today our little Peanut is 18 months old. It is hard to sit here and think about all the time has passed and how big she has grown. I'm so glad that I get to cherish each and every day with her. I'm glad I get to see all her milestones, even the ones I don't want to see.


I keep telling her (and Gator) they have to stay little. And, for the most part, right now they are still little. I just know deep down these 18 months will turn into 18 years in a few blinks of the eye!


What has Peanut been up to, you ask?


Well, what hasn't she been up to! A lot has gone on since she turned 17 months! She's been sick and lost weight but gained it back (I think). She's gotten a couple more teeth. She's learned LOTS of new words! She got her first splinter (ok, her first three splinters all in one day!). She traveled by airplane! She learned how to Skype. She loves her sister, playing with dolls, reading books, playing outside (she'd live outside if we let her!) and eating! She is just a wonderful gift and I'm so happy she's part of our family!


For the most part, she is a very, very, very quiet kid. Ok...maybe that's an understatement. She can scream like a teradactyl (sp?)...but overall, she is usually quite the go with the flow kid.


She has lots of words. She can say Mama (and Mommeeeeeeee), Dadda, Bee (Gator's Name), Isssah (sister), Bah yeee (Barley), ooh utton (belly button), mouth, eye, nose, bubble, Nani, eeez (please), nig nigh (night-night), bye, hi, cheese (for taking a picture and for eating cheese), no, ticka (tickle, tickle), keys, baby, up. I'm sure there are more but these are the ones I can think of at the moment. I think she has more words then Gator did at this point. Although, the one word she doesn't say is yes...well, unless you count eeeeeeeeeee as yes! She also can't say Biscuit unless you count "uh-uh" as Biscuit LOL.


And...she holds the baby and sings "twinkle twinkle" to her...yesterday I think she was trying to see the 'momma/daddy/abby loves amelia" song but it was "abby, me" "abby, me" but along the same tune. And when you're being too loud she'll shush you! Its hilarious!


She also knows exactly what she wants to eat (popcorn and icecream usually), she's gained her 2 pounds back...not 100% sure of that but she's starting to look kind of chubby again!


She's just gotten really cute and grown up lately. I definitely see a difference from the baby I had earlier this year (January-ish) to the full blown toddler I have now! I'm going to continue to cherish every moment with her...and hope that you can cherish them too through the blog. She's definitely a cutie!

Photography help by the amazing Gator!


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NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

Dude, time flies as a mom.. it's really not right.
She is so cute, and I am SO GLAD she's feeling better.

I suck at sphelling, but pterodactyl...LOL and I know this b/c of....