Thursday, April 29, 2010

1.5 mile run...


We are down in San Antonio for Andrew's graduation. The graduation is a weekend filled with LOTS of activities! First on the list: 1.5 mile run. You might have thought by this post I ran 1.5 miles (funny, no). We watched all the basic trainees run this race.

In the above picture Gator was looking both ways to find out when it was starting. She kept saying "Where is Uncle Andrew"...absolutely adorable! The families lined the street where the trainees would run.


This is when the run had just started. You cannot see them very well because they are just coming over the bridge but you can hear them coming!


We see them!!!


This is Andrew's group. They are all in the Navy shirts. They were the bulldogs so that's why they had a bull dog running.

I didn't get any good shots of him running this way, thankfully, they run to the end and turn around so I was able to get some good shots in the other direction!


Coming back!


I wish this photo editing program had the ability to make a down arrow instead of side to side...(so look closely above and not bothering tagging below but he's in the photo).



Now for some close up shots...




Could you see him? He's between the two guys with the glasses, so it goes guy in glasses, Andrew, guy in glasses (and like a bunch more people obviously)


He's looking good (picture below he's the guy in the bottom right corner)



And then the run was flew by...the all flew by!

Then we all went and sat and waited for the coin ceremony which didn't start until like almost 3 hours later! Wow!

More pictures from that later...although I have no close ups of it!