Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wednesday's Happenings (23 weeks)!

Wednesday was a pretty busy day!

We went to this indoor play area which was okay but overly priced...very ridiculously priced. It costs me $16.72 to get in...which I think is ridiculous because even though we go to the museums and stuff we have passes and a pass wouldn't have made this place cheaper. It was packed with stuff...which sounds fun but really there wasn't any room to run or play. I don't think we'll go back...

Here are some pictures regardless




And, of course a little jumper and a Gator inside the jumper...she loves, loves, loves jumping...


We had a little lunch here and then a quick nap before we went into Boston for the ultrasound...make sure you go and look at our cute little dude.

We stopped at this adorable little bread shop in Boston called When Pigs Fly. It uses all natural and organic ingredients...and it tastes FABULOUS!!!

I should have taken some pictures of the bakery and even of Boston but the camera was in the back of the car (like the wayyyy back of the car) and I was in the front!

I got home and had a fabulous Irish Dinner


Ok, so perhaps it wasn't Irish but it had green lettuce and green guacamole! Its a salad bowl from Chipotle.

I also took my 23 week pregnant pictures. I was trying to take it in the bathroom...


I thought it was difficult to get a good shot so then I went into the kitchen and took a shot...


Now, joke these pictures were taken within minutes of each other...I personally think I look weeks bigger in the second picture...

What's on tap for today (Thursday)? I'm not sure'll have to check back tomorrow to see what we did!


NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

HAHA, you do look bigger in the kitchen photo!! Maybe A3 knew there was good near by!! LOL

The Austin Family said...

oh, I love Chipotle....I so so so miss what I used to call a 'naked' burrito (salad bowl?) :) and I love the belly pics! 23 weeks! Congrats!

Sarah said...

why are my comments not showing up!??! arggg..
yes i agree that you look bigger in the second picture! strange!! maybe it's the way you're standing?
and thanks for making chipotle look SO INCREDIBLY yummy!!! ;)