Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tuesday's Peanut Overload...


I had lots of plans for Tuesday!

We woke up and had some breakfast...


Peanut LOVES bagels with cream cheese...



So, breakfast was a hit...but the rest of the day was just pure headache...well, that's how it was raining...not a light rain but buckets and buckets of water just falling from the sky.

The plan was to take the girls to the indoor play area and let them run free and play. But, my phone wasn't working so we ended up at the Verizon store. Really? What a way to spend 70 minutes only to find out the phone still didn't work. Its my ONLY phone so yeah...that makes it a bit more of a headache. You know, like if anyone important wanted to call me...well, yeah...

I was moments away from walking away from the Verizon Wireless service that I so love and have loved for ten years...yes 10...that makes me old.


If you have followed the cell phone saga over the last not even 3 months you know its been a headache...a Storm after a Storm after a Storm 2...apparently its on record that since October (when I got my original Storm) to now I've had 8 phones. Woah! I'll take credit for replacing the first one in early January with a cracked screen but all the others were just faulty phones.

The good news...the nice people at the Verizon Wireless Customer Service...who have been known to many to not be nearly as helpful...are upgrading my phone completely free to something OTHER then another Storm....thank heavens!!! The Droid will be arriving either today or tomorrow...and I'm excited. No more Storms!

The rest of the afternoon consisted of being lazy, napping and making cupcakes for Uncle Mat's birthday.

We went to Kids Night for dinner...something easy and entertaining for the kiddos. It was fabulous! They had a face painter to paint the kids faces, coloring pages, play doh, bird houses to paint, balloons and icecream...all FREE.


Gator loved the face painter...


The face painter was so awesome...she did both of Gator's hands and her face...and if Gator had more parts that could be painted she would have!!!


Peanut even joined in on the fun!


We finished the night off at Kid's Night with a little icecream...


And then headed back to the house where Gator frosted Uncle Mat's birthday cupcakes with the assistance of Uncle Mat!



And...then Peanut and Gator enjoyed the cupcakes!



I realize this blog was a little Peanut overload but it was so hard to catch Gator in action! Hope you enjoyed!


FourJedis said...

I am so impressed with that face-painting and that Peanut sat still for her arm to get painted. What a great artist... Yay for your new phone! Lots of pics of your gorgeous girls - I like it!

The Austin Family said...

I love all the pictures :) especially the face painting. The girls looked beautiful!!