Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring is here!!!

Ok, today has been so incredibly jam packed with lots of things to do!

We started the day with breakfast out and a quick run to the grocery store!

On the way home from the grocery store I realized I forgot to tell you all about our awesome new seat that arrived. Its perfect. We ended up selling our Britax Frontier (for $10.00 less then we paid for it four months ago!!!) and purchasing a Radian XTSL (at 20% off!).

Now...Gator doesn't look thrilled...but she does love this seat.


The seat is able to be placed on our "jump seat" also known as a plus one seat in the Odyssey! According to the carseat safety website this seat is fine to use in installation of carseats. Woot. Yesterday, I brought it to the fire department and had it inspected as I was unsure if it was right or not! It is...its perfect...and Gator loves it. Peanut and Gator love being next to each other to hold hands, tickle, pinch and play...

After our adventures this morning we played in the yard, at the park, had some lunch and took some naps...

I had promised Gator that I would take her to the when the girls woke up from their we went.

Yes, it was only like 70 here today but it was beautiful!

Both girls were excited to wear some new summer-y clothes...



Look at Peanut's confused face...


She kept walking around and coming up to me...sitting down and showing me her feet...


Are these not the cutest feet you have ever seen?!

She was really concerned about her sandy feet but finally decided sandy feet were a-ok.


I just think Gator had a blast at the beach...



Peanut had a blast too...



Really...they had a think that I've posted a lot of pictures...and I have you know how hard it was for me to narrow it down to JUST this amount?!


I asked her if she was cold...she said "No"...I asked her if the water was cold...she said "No"...brrr! She looks kind of chilly to me...but she's happy!


Farewell to the beach...

IMG_2467 you think we were done there...right? No!

We came back to the house and the girls played outside again.

Peanut wore her bathing suit while playing but we had no summer, she wore her swimsuit along with her pink boots.


She had no complaints...

IMG_2470 then we had some dinner and celebrated SPRING with icecream out!

I asked Gator what she wanted and she wanted "blue", I wasn't sure if she'd like the blue icecream they had "dino tracks" so I got her a quick sample and she said she loved it. I ordered chocolate chip for myself...well, ok...that's what I thought happened. I pay, they scoop and then our icecream is ready...

We tossed some stuff from the Smorgasboard (sp?) onto the icecream...


We go to sit which point she doesn't like blue icecream and took mine! Gah!!!

Peanut came too!



No complaints from Peanut about her icecream...


And, well...after Gator took my icecream she had no complaints either!


We had a fabulous was a blast to enter the first day of Spring...hoping that the warmth continues to surround us!

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