Monday, March 15, 2010

Rain, Rain...


That is what the weekend was full its Monday and yes, its still raining. I'm not complaining though...I sorta like the rain. They are calling this a Nor'easter. Not sure if I spelled that correctly or not but all I can imagine is with ALL this rain how much snow we would have had if it was super cold. Gah. Thankful for just rain!

Yesterday, I took Gator down to the beach to see the waves...she kept asking to get out and run and play in the sand but it was far to wet and cold.


Instead, we stopped for donuts and she watched the waves.


The waves were awesome...although, the pictures I took...not nearly as awesome as the actual waves.


It was cold...

It was wet...

And, I totally could have gotten better pictures if I got out of the car...but I'm not crazy!

Perhaps another day when its warmer I'll get out and take some pictures...for now, enjoy the ones I took from inside the car with the window just slightly rolled down...

Oh...and if you are wondering about Biscuit, Peanut is taking good care of him while he's scared of the rain...


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