Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Military Giveaway!


So, this isn't part of my Lent giveaway but since I found something on hand that I have to give away next week for Lent I've decided to add this as an additional giveaway...perhaps as a start to the deployment?

Really, the reason I'm giving it away is because I feel like its an excellent book. Gator loves it.

Here are a few of our favorite parts of the book:

Give me an A for Army, and an A for Air Force, too.
An A for all the Armed Services behind the red, white and blue.
They stand at attention, tall and proud, all impeccably dressed.
An A for the American Armed Forces, an A for the world's very best.

Behind each sailor, behind each soldier, somebody somewhere cares.
Behind each airman, coastie, and marines someone is saying their prayers.
Wherever Americans fight for freedom they very quickly learn
F's for the families, first and foremost, who wait for their return.

Not everyone hears it. It's just a few.
But there's no denying it once you do.
When your country calls, you do your part.
So H is for honor in the American heart.

V reminds us of all those who marched these paths before.
Veterans are bound by the gift of service through times of peace and war.
Old and young faces, saluting the flag that waves in the sky above.
All were willing to give their lives for the country that they love.

Y is for the reason they do the things they do.
They put their lives on the line and they do it all for YOU.
For you to live alife that's free in a nation proud and strong,
be glad there are those who go to work taking your dreams along.

How to win

Leave a comment (get one entry)
Leave a comment and follow my blog (must click follow me on this blog or be one of current followers...get five entries)
Leave a comment, follow me and link to Facebook OR blog (must provide link in comment...get seven entries)
Leave a comment, follow me, link this blog on your facebook AND blog (get ten entries).
This drawing will close Sunday at midnight (as the other giveaway starts)!

Winner will be notified via blog and/or email (so make sure that I have a way to contact you!!!)

***Please for every thing you do leave a separate'll be easier for me to count them, you don't have to leave 10 entries total...just one for the comment, one for being a follower, one for putting it on facebook and one for putting it on your blog (please include link)...I'll tally them up accordingly and announce winner!***

I'm excited! Hope you are too! GOOD LUCK!

Oh, and wondering about next weeks Lent Giveaway??

Think green...think long...and thing warm :) Yarn of course!! It was hand dyed for me awhile back I used a little but have a TON left so its up for grabs!


The Austin Family said...

I'm already a follower :)

The Austin Family said...

I've never seen this book before! It looks so good!! :) Thank you for being so generous and for telling us about great things for our family :).

sharon said...

i am already a follower.

sharon said...

That looks awesome.

Gina said...

I love this book! I think we have it. Must check.

Janine said...

I'm with Gina... great book! I've given it as a gift, but I'm not sure if we actually have it either. :)

tkme4ard said...

looks like an awesome book! I've never seen it before either :)

KirstyB said...

Hey Jen! I already tried to comment but got some weird error message from I apologize if this is a repeat! Good to see you guys again! We love this book series after discovering them while Josh was deployed!! Fab giveaway!! :)

NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

Sweet, if I don't win, can you tell me how to order???